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Condensate Marketing Congress 2013

An unexpected yet highly prosperous volume of crude condensate is now being produced alongside the vast amounts of oil and natural gas being recovered from North American shale plays such as the Bakken and Utica. The Eagle Ford alone reached 153,322 bpd of condensate in 2013 making up an astonishing 40% of total hydrocarbon production in the play.

There is a huge commercial opportunity for E&P companies in producing condensate; the number one challenge in dealing with these vast amounts of condensate however is getting it to market. The supply and demand balance is still very much up in the air and because refineries spent $47.6 billion on heavy oil upgrades between 2005 and 2009, they are not kitted out to accept the increasing volumes of ultra light condensate. Furthermore, the lack of infrastructure and splitter capacity for condensate is making the marketability of the product ever more difficult.

It is in response to these challenges that for the first time ever, the Condensate Marketing Congress 2013 is taking place in Houston on December 10-11 to bring together producers from the US and buyers from Canada, Asia and Europe to provide market solutions to secure the value of condensate. 

The mission of the Congress is to identify domestic and international markets for US condensate by examining demand, pricing, refinery specifications and the very latest condensate pipeline and rail infrastructure projects to ensure that C5 achieves value at market.

Day one will begin by delivering a market-by-market demand assessment for US condensate by quantifying the diluent market in Canada, the Gulf Coast and foreign markets and also by assessing how refinery re-tooling has impacted capacity. This will be followed by an evaluation of the current and forecasted production from the Eagle Ford, Permian and Utica to assess how supply will impact pricing in the near future. The day will end by addressing the current and future export regulations to ascertain the level of conditioning required for exportation.

Day two will focus on market infrastructure, in particular current and future projects for transporting condensate from the US into the Edmonton, Fort McMurray markets. Updates will be delivered on the Cochin reversal and Galena park splitter projects before a detailed analysis is delivered on rail capacity and the role rail will play in getting condensate to market in the future.

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If Producers in North America are going to fully capitalize upon the vast amounts of condensate being produced from its shale plays…

...quantifying value and gaining a comprehensive understanding of domestic and international markets for US Condensate is going to be critical. The challenges being faced by producers need to be addressed quickly. Due to the interdependency between producers and buyers, the agenda for The Condensate Marketing Congress 2013 has been designed specifically to bring both the supply and demand markets together to give an analytical and detailed insight into the current market dynamics and ensure condensate can both be bought and sold at commercially economic rates.

Don't miss your chance to hear expert insight on the following challenges:

  • MARKET DEMAND FOR CONDENSATE: Scrutinizing demand specifications and volumes at key north American condensate markets to identify where condensate producers can attain the highest price
  • CONDENSATE SUPPLY: Projecting current and future condensate supply out of the Eagle Ford, Permian and Utica
  • HOW TO EXPORT CONDENSATE: Understanding current export regulations, minimum conditioning requirements for export and current and future splitter capacity
  • DILUENT PROCUREMENT: OIL SANDS PRODUCERS: How oil sands producers can attain sufficient volumes of diluent needed for heavy oil transport
  • PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURE: Examining current and new pipeline projects for ensuring north American condensate can reach markets efficiently
  • RAIL FOR CONDENSATE: Scrutinizing the use of rail transportation for condensate and examining the impact new pipeline infrastructure will have on rail as a means of transport


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